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颐和园 Literally "Gardens of Nurtured Harmony": Summer Palace...

On Thursday the 21, my second day in China, we headed off to Beijing to see the Summer Palace. Allen jokingly complained that I had chosen one of the largest things to see in a rather distant area. So, that morning we got an early start and headed over to a restaurant about 1 block away. It is an interesting restaurant, one group of people serves breakfast and then another group serves lunch and then a 3rd group serves dinner. This way they split the rent and all have income. The morning group serves a healthy fare of baozi (little dumplings like humboa), fried filled pancakes, and a plethora of soups including a soy bean (like soy milk), red bean, and tomato and egg soup.

After breakfast Allen and I hopped on a bus and went to the HauiRou bus yard. Then we got on a large bus labeled kuai, “fast”, and headed into the city. This bus ride takes about 1 ½ hours and dropped us off at Dongzhimen bus station in Beijing City. We were lucky and had seats so I fell asleep. Because it is labled “fast” it only makes 6 stops along the way but it is really rather slow. After arriving in at Dongzhimen Allen asked for directions and we hoped on a bus that took us to the National Zoo, where we again transferred to a bus that finally dropped us off at the Summer Palace. In all, it took about 2 ½ hours, maybe longer, to arrive at our destination but it was sooooo worth it. Just check out the pictures below. It poured for the first 1/3 of our time in the Palace but it cleared up eventually. Then, I made the mistake of wanting to walk to the other side of the lake, when for 10Y we could have taken a boat across. It was a loonnngggg walk. But, in about 1 hour we did eventually make it to the island on the other side of the lake.

At about 3:30pm we hopped on another bus to head over to Tiananmen and arrived at about 5pm. Beijing, even with only ½ the cars on the roads due to the Olympics, still has traffic and the buses stop often. Anyway, we ended up running out of time and skipped Tiananmen and headed for the subway right by our bus drop off. It was so crowded that they were closing the subway entrance and only letting people enter in time dispersed bunches. We eventually manage to take the subway back to Dongzhimen. Before heading home we went down the street about 4-5 blocks and had dinner at Pizza Hut. Then we headed off on our bus back to HuaiRou. We fell asleep again and when we finally arrived it was raining very hard. After getting off the bus we walked home in the dark and heavy rain. I was cold and couldn’t stop shaking plus I had no idea where we were but we DID make it home. After drying out a bit, watching a little Olympic Volleyball, and trying to learn a new card game I was pooped and went to bed.


怀柔区 Hauirou...

All is well in the land of the Middle Kingdom. There have not been any updates recently because I’ve been so busy. We wake up, go eat breakfast, and then head off to wherever we are going that day. When we finally do return home I’m exhausted and often fall asleep sitting on the couch.

Anyway, I arrived safely into the Beijing Airport and managed to get both of my bags here with me. The flight, although 11 hours long, seemed to pass fairly quickly. This is probably due to the sleeping pill I took that knocked me out for about 6 hours plus the amazing in-flight entertainment. Once at the airport and with my 2 bags on a cart I managed to find Allen, Allen’s Dad, and the driver. They actually live in Huairou, about 1 hour outside of Beijing. Huairou was incorporated into Beijing in 1995 so I am still in Beijing and everything is just a bus ride away. Allen’s father is charge of the natural gas distribution in this district and therefore has workers under him. I think his driver is also a staff member at the company and not only a driver. He seems t work 7 days a week, but his freedom to do as he pleases seems to be greater than in the US.

After arriving in Huairou we stopped by the office and dropped the driver off. Then, continued on to the apartment. The family actually owns the apartment, as well as two others, so they are really more like condos. After dropping off my bag, which I’m now realizing contain more than I need, we went in search for house slippers for me. Along the way I was able to snatch up my favorite Chinese drink, which is really made by Coca Cola and taste like Tang, as well as a nice blister on my left foot from my flats…. sigh.

That night we went out for dinner at a local restaurant. In typical Chinese fashion they ordered far too much but it was all delicious.

In CHINA Now!!!

So I'm in Beijing! This was one of the longest days of my life but did I slept through more than half of the flight from Vancouver to Beijin. Plus the in-flight entertainment was GREAT! Allen, his father, and the the driver picked me up after I made it throught coustoms and baggage. Then, this afternoon we have been busy just doing random things like eating dinner, shopping for house slippers, going to a near by park and then visiting a lake which is actually the water which serves most of Beijing. Anyway, it is late and I'm exhausted, it is only 8pm, so i'll head to bed soon. Tomorrow I think we are going to see the Summer Palace. I think it will rain but that will be fine.

PS: the weather today was great, just on the warm side of perfect


Going to China!!!

So I leave for the airport in about 1 hour! I'm not entirely packed yet. I still have some carry-on I have to figure out but otherwise I'm doing to good. My ipod is being a pain but thats normal, right? Anyway, when I arrive I'll update this as soon as I can get to a computer with internet!



I received the Chinese Government Scholarship!!!!!

"It was established by MOEC in accordance with educational exchange agreements or understandings reached between Chinese government and governments of other countries, education organs, institutions and relevant international organizations to provide both full scholarships and partial scholarships to international students and scholars. The scheme supports students who come to study in China as undergraduates, postgraduates, Chinese language students, general scholars and senior scholars."

Details of the Full Scholarship

Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, fee for laboratory experiment, fee for internship, fee for basic learning materials and intramural accommodation

Living allowance and a one-off settlement subsidy

Fee for outpatient medical service, Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for International Students in China

Fee for a one-off inter-city travel

Fee for basic learning materials covers the necessary learning materials prescribed by the host institution, and other materials shall be self afforded.

Monthly living allowance is paid to the students by the host institution at the following rates (CNY yuan per month): Chinese language students: CNY 1400 yuan

Scholarship students shall get their monthly living allowance from the date of registration. Those who register before 15th (15th included) of the registration month will get the living allowance of a full month, and those who register after 15th will get that of a half month. Scholarship of the graduates will be paid half month after their graduation date. Scholarship of those who suspend or quit their studies will be stopped from the following month. Monthly living allowance will be paid during Chinese national holidays. Scholarship students who do not get the monthly living allowance during holidays can get reimbursed on return. Monthly living allowance of the scholarship students who do not register on time or stay away from university up to one month because of non-health reasons will be stopped.

Scholarship students who have to suspend their education for reason of illness should return to their home country for further treatment and rest. The international travel expenses of return and coming back should be shouldered by the students themselves, the scholarship status will be reserved for at most one year, the monthly living allowance will be stopped during the suspension of education and the scholarship of the students who suspend their education for reasons other than illness will be terminated.

A one-off settlement subsidy after registration
CNY 1500 yuan for new students whose period of studies in China lasts one academic year or more

Fee for outpatient medical service refers to the outpatient expense generated in the institution’s hospital or the hospitals appointed by the institution. The students should afford a certain percentage of expense in accordance with the institution’s relevant regulations.

Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for International Students in China is insured by MOEC for the scholarship students in China against diseases and accidents. The institution is entitled to ask for compensation on the payment receipts from the insurance company for the expenses generated from hospitalizing for serious diseases or from accidental injury according to the stipulated insurance articles.